About Run Free Texas


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Run Free Texas uses physical activity as a catalyst to promote accountability while addressing the youth’s individual needs. Cognitive principles that teach life skills, healthy behavior and help participants recognize their potential are being used in order to reduce the overall recidivism rate within the juvenile justice system. 
  • Surround youth with a support group encompassing family members, school and positive community members.
  • Teach youth how to make better life choices
  • Restore trust within the community while instilling values and responsibility
  • Lower the overall recidivism rate
Our combined education and experience working with at risk populations allowed us to form Run Free Texas. Our inaugural program in 2012 served the Williamson County Juvenile Probation Department through the implementation of the running/walking program. 
Program Details:
  • Youth are referred by the Juvenile Probation Department or JP Judge
  • Program runs for 12 weeks
  • Participants run in a nonprofit community race
  • Successful participants are eligible for our after care initiative
Run Free Texas boasts a 100% completion rate, along with a 82% attendance rate.
“Being away from our family has been tough, but at the same time, I’m so glad that you guys have been put in our path. Thank you!”
“Thank you ladies for all y’all have done for my child! I truly believe the program made a big difference in her self value! Thanks”
“We push and support each other through our runs. Even though, I wanted to quit at least 10 times today, I didn’t!”
“Sometimes, I don’t feel like coming because I am so stressed out with school but I show up. When I am done running I feel better!”
“Thank you for everything you do for our youth-“

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